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Where you always get
your “words worth and more”

Creating web designs for satisfied customers
since 1999.

Wordsworth & More

Where you always get your “words worth and more”

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Creating web designs for satisfied customers
since 1999.

Wordsworth & More

Where you always get your “words worth and more”

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Creating web designs for satisfied customers
since 1999.

Custom Web Designs

In this competitive business world, you want your website to be found quickly. Your website must be well designed and meet search engine criteria for mobile devices. It MUST be responsive.

Your company needs a web site that is:

Your Business Needs Wordsworth & More

John Hood-Fysh, principal of Wordsworth & More has been successfully delivering custom web designs since 1999 and with a number of responsive web sites deployed in the last year, Wordsworth & More has the skills necessary to put your business on the web.

What Does A Responsive Web Design Cost?

A responsive web design from Wordsworth & More starts at just $400.00. A fixed price quote for your web site is determined by our mutually agreeing on the amount of work that needs to be done.

A simple three phase process is used to quote a fixed price fee. This is how it works:

  1. The Meeting:
    We meet with you to learn about your organization and what your clients need to know about your organization.
  2. The Design and Quotation:
    In collaboration with you, we develop a responsive design acceptable to you; when you approve the design, we provide you a quotation which details what will be delivered to you, by what date, and for how much.
  3. The Creation and Publishing:
    We develop the responsive website and upload it to a test site for you to review while we test it fully in the major browsers and on multiple mobile devices.
    After your final acceptance, we publish to your website, and send you an invoice.

Does a Web Site Design Impact My Business?

Yes it does. Your potential customers now use the web to do their window shopping and like your store front, they will put a huge amount of importance on how your website looks on whatever device they are using. Poorly designed, do it yourself, or template websites that are badly written and not responsive just do not create the type of professional image your business on the web needs.

When Wordsworth & More deploys your responsive website, your customers will congratulate you on your website and will often say that they came to you in part because of how great your website looks. Read what Linda Pokornik of My Back Yard in Alberta Canada wrote to us a year after their web page was deployed.

Search Engine Blues?

Please don't believe the "get instant first page ranking" promotions. They simply do not work, or in a worst case can result in penalties.

At Wordsworth & More we help your business to be found on the web because we will develop your website using industry best practices, and with well structured, meaningful content. That means over time your search ranking will improve.

Facebook, Blogs or Twitter?

Digital marketing requires more than just a web page. More and more, the social media phenomenon means that your business needs multiple ways of reaching your customers. We can help. Call and ask for Digital Marketing details.

Cash Flow Isn’t a Problem

Pay nothing until the website is deployedpay with Square; Discover, Visa, Master Card, American Express

We understand that cash flow can be a problem (especially when you are starting your venture). You do not need to pay anything until your web site is deployed and you are satisfied. For payment we accept credit cards, or interest-free terms can be made available. It's all part of the MORE with Wordsworth & More at your side.

Wordsworth & More also offers full service web hosting starting at only $6.00 per month and your first year’s domain registration is provided at no additional charge (a $10.00 value).

Let's Get Your Business on the Web

Affordable solutions to Responsive Web Design, web hosting, digital marketing and More.

Contact Us, email us at or telephone us at 541.220.8541 to learn how we can help you.

Let's get your project started now.

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

Wordsworth and More has added a CRM software system to our service offering for our clientale. It is the same system we use.

Below is an overview of what CRM is. As a business we need to reliably stay in touch with our past and future customers to reliably generate more business by staying in their thinking.

After reading the following outline, call me to discuss the concept at 541-220-8541 or use the contact form or Instant Chat at the right to set an appointment.

Overview from Really Simple Systems

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a term coined in the 1990's to describe a system where every contact with a customer could be recorded and analyzed. Like many buzzwords, the term CRM now stand for pretty well whatever each vendor of CRM systems wants it to, whether it is systems for sales people (Sales Force Automation, Opportunity Management), for marketing people (Marketing Automation, Campaign Management), Helpdesks (Customer Service and Support), email and voice logging, and so on.

According to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, “the generally accepted purpose of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to enable organizations to better serve their customers through the introduction of reliable processes and procedures for interacting with those customers”.

A Hype Cycle graph for CRM technology shows the traditional pattern of a slow start, followed by unjustified euphoria, down to disillusionment and back to a level of realizable sanity.

That is the point where the industry is today because of a new breed of CRM systems that are easier to install and use. Most have a Cloud based with monthly subscriptions that are a lot cheaper than installing an in-house system.

Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM


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Latest Deployed Web Sites

Here are some local Mid-Willamette Valley organizations we have created responsive web sites for recently.

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